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ScanEcho guarantees all ultrasound models for a period of one year, starting from the date of purchase.

Should a ScanEcho product fail to operate during the warranty period, warranty service may be obtained upon delivery of the ScanEcho product together with proof of purchase to a ScanEcho. Servicing Dealer.

The responsibility regarding servicing lies with those who have serviced the equipment. Service is guaranteed within 72 hours of reception at ScanEcho facilities. The purchaser will be responsible for any transportation and insurance costs incurred.

ScanEcho assumes no responsibility, directly or indirectly, for financial losses or claims from third parties resulting from the use of this product and all of its functions.


- During the warranty period, scanner owner may be responsible for repair costs if the scanner and probe damage was caused by misuse, accident, modification, unsuitable physical or operating environment, or improper maintenance by the customer. The following list provides some common items that are not covered under warranty and some symptoms that may indicate that the system was subjected to stresses beyond normal use.

The following is not covered under warranty:

-  LCD panel cracked by applying excessive force or from being dropped.
-  Scratched (cosmetic) parts.
-  Cracked or broken plastic parts, broken latches, broken pins, or broken connectors caused by

   excessive force.
-  Damage caused by liquid spilled into the system.
-  Damage caused by the improper insertion of USB memory device.
-  Batteries.
-  Use of incompatible batteries and chargers.
-  Damage from batteries leakage.
-  Opening the scanner or and removing any screws of the unit.
-  Insertion of any objects or material in the unit battery compartment, only the battery holder from

   ScanEcho is allowed.





​  - Standard scanner kit 

  - Cine loop, 31 frames

  - 7000 images saving storage
  - USB interface​​, allows for plug-in

    and wireless addons
  - Scan modes​
  - Recall saved images for

  - Macro function for measurement
  - Animal identification, ID

  - Animal type selection
  - IMF:  Intramuscular fat measure
  - Multi-frequency sector probes
  - Software upgrades via email
  - Display interactive colour menus
  - On screen measurements report
  - Detacheable probes
  - Harness fully adjustable and

  - Removable, washable air filter
  - Transfer images to PC via USB
  - Automatic boundary detection
  - On screen functions description
  - Single board 500MHz computer​
  - Large 6.4” LCD, TFT display
  - Lightweight – 3.4 pounds with

  - Indestructible case​
  - One-piece electronic keypad with
    8 controls buttons

  - Gain, slope and frequency

  - All functions description
  - Three grey scales selection
  - Automatic preset measurements
  - Automatic image adjustment
  - Special width measurement

  - Can do 7 measurements in one

  - Operating time of continuous use
  - Removable ‘’AA’’ battery
  - External battery pack
  - Automatic image adjustment for
    measurements (Auto-gain)​

  - Save user setting per each type
    of probe and animal type

 - Four scanning depths per probes

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